A Deeper Look

Miami CollectionOur Ebay user I.D is MBCollectionBoca. Members since 2001 with stellar feedback. Pride in ownership has earned us a strong reputation which we nurture with every sale regarding of price or type of vehicle. From $5,000 daily drivers to $200,000 exotics we treat each car and client with the same respect.

Allow us to impress you with our exquisite collection of cars stored in indoor showroom. And as we only deal with very clean and well maintained cars our buyers are assured to buy of the highest quality.

Those customers who have seen our cars on Ebay will notice that our ebay feedback is 100%. And for a good reason. We take pride in selling high quality cars and truly enjoy our work very much. Our customers appreciate doing business with us as we are English affluent, professional and knowledgeable. With over 11 years selling experience on Ebay Motors we have accumulated a strong reputation which we appreciate and nurture with every sale regardless of price.